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A commitment to excellence. A dedication to service.

Family is the strongest foundation you can have and ArDan has built upon that foundation from our start in 2007.

The carefully crafted team of employees, vendors, and subcontractors at ArDan are highly skilled and trusted professionals with a shared goal – deliver the highest quality finished product on time and on budget.

Accomplishing this goal begins with implementing our proven process: organizing and planning, execution, and review. Organizing and planning kick off before the work starts in your home. A job schedule is put together, material is ordered, and subcontractors are selected. Our full attention is placed on your project once the work starts and we aim to complete your project with quality and efficiency.

Ardan Construction Your home remodeling experts

Our Story

Meet the brothers on a mission to change the way you think about home remodeling.

Brothers Aaron and Danny Niemela established ArDan Construction to provide a service to their community. Since they started their business in 2007, they have created a team of employees and a network of vendors and subcontractors that all have the same vision in mind. That vision is to have the highest level of service with open communication, professionalism, and quality.

Aaron & Danny Niemela Owners

Our Team

aaron niemela (1)

Aaron is ArDan’s Director of Production and co-owner. He produces and coordinates all aspects of each construction project that ArDan undertakes. He enjoys playing Tetris in the construction field by moving, adjusting, and juggling all the moving parts necessary to execute a successful project. His hobbies include camping, day-trips to the mountains, and covering miles of trail. In the morning, Aaron is most likely eating three eggs with spinach, peppers, and sausage.

Aaron Niemela

Owner & Director of Production


Danny is ArDan’s Director of Client Relations and co-owner. He oversees the sales and estimating staff and specializes in turning a client’s dream into reality. He enjoys seeing the transformation of client’s homes, and their happy faces at the completion walk. His hobbies include camping with his family, jeeping, and riding dirt bikes with family and friends. In the morning, Danny is most likely eating a mushroom and sausage omelet.

Danny Niemela

Owner & Director of Client Relations


Steve is ArDan’s Director of Sales & Marketing. He enjoys building relationships and developing systems that help serve ArDan, its clients, and the community for years to come. His hobbies include spending time with his wife, playing with his kids, archery hunting, and golfing. In the morning, Steve is most likely drinking a post-workout smoothie.

Steve Wuollet

Director of Sales & Marketing


Mike is ArDan’s Project Engineer. He role is to create sellable and producible projects with a scope of work, budgets, and preliminary schedule. Mike enjoys organizing the chaos. In his free time, Mike enjoys restoring his 1975 crew cab. In the morning, he is eating anything as long as he doesn’t have to make it.

Mike Wuollet

Project Engineer

Greg Jacobson

Greg is the Director of Marketing at ArDan. His passion is having a supporting role in all things in life. He is mostly quiet and unassuming but has a brain that is always churning. Greg loves to analyze data and will be using that to support strategic marketing plans and decisions. Greg loves spending time with his family doing outdoor things like skiing, hiking, and hunting in the mountains of Montana where he lives. For breakfast Greg usually has a cup of coffee but has eggs and bacon for lunch.

Greg Jacobson

Director of Marketing


Connie is ArDan’s Office Manager. She enjoys working in a team environment and taking part in supporting other employees in their roles. Her hobbies include spending time with her precious grandchildren, crafting on her own or with friends, and discovering more about her family history. In the morning, Connie is most likely eating yogurt and hard-boiled eggs.

Connie Aho

Office Manager


T.J. is ArDan Construction’s Service and Maintenance Lead! He is the go to guy for all of our home watch services and service and maintenance projects. He enjoys learning new things, the hustle and bustle of being a handyman, and loves the versatility he’s able to demonstrate in day to day tasks. His hobbies include football, tv and movies, and spending time with his wife and kids. In the morning T.J. keeps it small and simple with some beef jerky and Red Bull for fuel. The breakfast of champions!

T.J. Carlson

Service & Maintenance Lead


Mikayla is ArDan Construction’s Marketing Administrator! She manages all ArDan Construction social media accounts and coordinates all creative and outreach efforts for the marketing department. Her hobbies include hiking, volleyball, playing piano, and spending time with friends and family. One thing she would like to do someday is go on a hot air balloon ride. For breakfast, she enjoys Nutella Crepes or a cheesy omelet.

Mikayla Wikman

Marketing Assistant


Serg is one of ArDan’s superintendents. He oversees the day-to-day on the jobsite. He enjoys working in construction and wants to continue his Father’s legacy. His hobbies include drawing and carving. In his free time, he loves being outdoors, hiking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and camping. For breakfast, Serg is eating egg benedict pancakes.

Serg Kabghian



Aubrey is ArDan’s Administrative Assistant. Aubrey handles most the bookkeeping and working the front office. She loves seeing the progress of the projects from her position. In her free time, Aubrey loves snowboarding, hunting, and playing piano. For breakfast, Aubrey is most likely eating yogurt or eggs.

Aubrey Niemela

Administrative Assistant


Tyren is ArDan Construction's Financial Administrator. He assists with the bookkeeping by managing accounts payable and receivable. He enjoys the opportunity to learn new skills in his position. His hobbies include hiking and swimming. In the morning, Tyren is most likely eating egg bake.

Tyren Mattila

Financial Administrator


Oscar is one of ArDan’s apprentice carpenters. He assists the superintendents onsite our bigger remodel projects. Oscar enjoys learning new things in the construction industry. In his free time, he likes skateboarding, camping, and hanging out with friends. For breakfast, Oscar is most likely found eating eggs and toast.

Oscar Waaraniemi

Apprentice Carpenter


Gavin is the Purchaser Shop Lead for ArDan Construction. He provides all necessary materials and supplies on time and on budget for each job, whilst maintaining proper upkeep and stock of the ArDan shop. He also jumps in and helps in the field as needed. Some hobbies he enjoys doing are sports of any kind, and reading books. One thing he would like to do in the near future is get out archery hunting. For breakfast, he likes to eat something light that will keep him going until lunch.

Gavin Sorvala

Purchaser Shop Lead

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