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Grayhawk Whole Home Remodel

Whole Home Remodel

Situated in North Scottsdale, the Grayhawk community offers beautiful accommodations for all residents. Our clients typically reside in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but they wanted to spend their winters in temperate Scottsdale, Arizona. This Grayhawk whole home remodel sets the standard for luxury in North Scottsdale.

Originally, the home’s floorplan was not ideal. The living space was dull and did not capture the beauty it was capable of. We fixed that for our homeowners. We were also able to bring a little bit of Cape Cod to Scottsdale.

All in all, our clients get to be close to family and enjoy a gorgeous space in the meantime. Thus far, our clients have golfed consistently, joined a hiking group, and made lasting memories. To top that all of, they get a renovated home to spend time with family in.

Any recommendation that we could give ArDan would be heartfelt.

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