5 Tips to Find a Trustworthy Contractor

Have you ever felt nervous about the cost of fixing or repairing your car? The uneasy feeling likely stemmed from your lack of expertise about automobiles. When mechanics use jargon, it can be hard to tell if they are being honest or inflating the price unnecessarily. The construction industry can often feel the same way. Generally, most homeowners know little about their home and all the components that help make it a functioning and safe shelter. When faced with a restoration or full-blown new home build, it could be daunting to try to find a reliable and honest general contractor. Rest assured, you can undoubtedly find a trustworthy contractor, it may simply take some additional footwork on your end.

License and Insurance

First and foremost, the contractor needs to be licensed and insured. Even though the tip may seem like a no-brainer, it is absolutely imperative. You should be able to ask the contractor for an insurance certificate and copy of their ROC license. If you can not find them in the Arizona ROC contractor search, do not use them. You should ensure that the agreement outlines that the sub-contractors utilized on your project are verified as licensed and insured.

References and Referrals

One of the most obvious indicators of a contractor’s reliability lies in their references. References could be other contractors, vendors, or previous clients. One of the easiest ways to find references would be the company’s business listing on Google, Facebook and more. It is important to note that a general contractor should furnish a reference list if asked. If they will not, you should probably take that as a red flag. In addition, it is a great idea to ask your family and friends about the companies that they have used previously. Whether the contractor was great to work with or horrendous, it will still help you find a trustworthy contractor.

The First Impression

Even if you don’t know much about construction, you most likely can tell the difference between honest and dishonest people. Don’t be afraid to call the contractor or a representative directly. Observe how they take the call, what they talk about, and whether they are considerate. If you do schedule an initial consultation, take notice of whether they show up on time, how they present themselves, and if they are looking to make your vision a reality. Most general contractors should be ruled out if homeowners trusted their first impression.

Ask About Their Process

A vital aspect of contractor dependability lies in a consistent process that is followed time and time again. The process should include items like:

  • An initial consultation
  • A detailed proposal
  • An in-depth payment schedule
  • A pre-construction meeting
  • A client calendar with a steadfast timeline

If a contractor simply “plays it by ear”, you may want to look elsewhere to find a trustworthy contractor.

Genuine Care

Although it may seem tough to tell if a contractor cares about your project, you can see it in their preparedness, earnestness, and ability to follow through. A caring contractor will try to assess whether they are a good fit for you as well, because they truly want the best for you and your project.

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