4 Tips for a Stress-Free Remote Build or Remodel

The term “long-distance” doesn’t have the best reputation. If you’re doing something long-distance it takes at least two engaged and invested parties to make it work. Building or remodeling a home is no different. Whether you’re up in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest or the shores of the east coast – the sunshine of Scottsdale often comes calling! While technology has made it possible for remote work of all kinds, there are still important factors to consider when looking for a contractor for your remote build or remodeling project. Read on for our 4 tips for a stress-free remote build or remodel!

Hire the right contractor

This is without a doubt the most important factor when it comes to a successful remote build or remodeling project. Not only do you want to hire a contractor that has done remote builds or remodels before, but you also want to hire a contractor that you trust. By working with a contractor who has done remote builds, you know that they have the systems set up to work out a schedule and plan that you feel comfortable with. A contractor with remote experience will have communication channels set up to keep you up to date on any progress made on your home. When you’re not around to check in or see progress or plans in person, having a contractor whose opinion and word you trust is the most important factor to a successful remote build or remodel. 

Work out a detailed contract and schedule

Once you’ve vetted your trusted and experienced contractor, both of you are ready to discuss your home renovation plan with precision. At ArDan Construction, much of this planning, engineering, and design occurs during the pre-construction phase and is mapped out in detail in a pre-construction agreement. With your pre-construction agreement, you will be able to move forward with confidence that your project is in good hands. 

The team at ArDan Construction does pre-construction agreements for all of our projects, so we’re obviously partial to them being extremely beneficial, but we would strongly recommend that you enter into a pre-construction agreement for your remote build project no matter what contractor you end up using. Learn more about our pre-construction process here.

Diving into the development details, your contract should include a timeline of major renovation milestones such as demolition, framing, installation of plumbing and electrical, drywall, and more. Since many moving parts are in play, ensure you have an equally detailed project schedule.

Ensure you connect the dots between each project milestone and a communication touchpoint with your contractor. Payment expectations and due dates should similarly be assigned to specific needs and events, such as signing date, installation starts, deliveries, and final sign-off.

Set up an open line of communication

Finding a builder and manufacturer who communicate well is essential for a long-distance project. Today’s technology offers a plethora of ways to stay informed. Your builder can communicate via cell phone from the job site to update you about progress and ask about design decisions that arise during construction. Your contractor can (and should) also use some sort of software or CRM that allows you to stay updated on the progress of your project from wherever you are. At ArDan Construction, we use Zoho to give our clients a centralized location to access information about their projects. We keep our client’s projects updated on a regular basis and correspond with them regularly so that they know that their project is in good hands.

Make periodic visits

You know you want to! Seeing the progress with your own eyes is fun and gives a lot of people stress relief. If you’re unable to make site visits you can also have a trusted individual make visits for you and report back on progress.

We recommend that remote clients make at least three (and ideally four) on-site visits into their timeline. The first should be prior to the project starting: get to know your contractor in person. The second visit might occur after demolition and framing, but before drywall to ensure your foundation is correct.

The third personal visit should happen towards the end of your project. We suggest making another visit at around 85% completion to ensure your overall satisfaction. That being said, since you’ve picked the right contractor, have worked with them to create a plan that you’re excited about, and maintained an open line of communication then you can guarantee that you’ll be happy during your last site visit! 

We want to be your remote builder in Scottsdale! If you’re looking to build or remodel in Scottsdale but live elsewhere, give ArDan Construction a call. We will happily walk you through our process and discuss your project with you.