The Most Common Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, you may want to opt for some more unique designs that can help your home really stand out. That being said, some things are popular for a reason. You want a kitchen that stands out, in a good way, but you also want a remodel that stands the test of time. You want a kitchen that looks great ten or twenty years from now, which is why so many people stick to some popular shades for their cabinets. At ArDan Construction, we’ll help you pick out a popular cabinet color that you won’t get tired of.

The Classics

White. This has been a leading cabinet color for decades and for good reason. It gives cabinets a clean look and it matches a wide variety of kitchen styles. Go for a retro or modern look. Choose some bolder colors for the floor, countertops, or other areas. Which style of appliances did you choose? It probably won’t matter too much. White cabinets will likely complement your other choices nicely. White cabinets can get dirty easily, but with just a little bit of upkeep white cabinets are a great choice for many kitchens.

Black. This is a stylish shade that works well for any kitchen that strives for a modern look. It’s ideal for larger kitchen, and when paired with white flooring and countertops you can create a modern, sophisticated look that stands the test of time. As an added bonus, black cabinetry doesn’t show stains like white cabinets do. If you’re a messy cook, you can get away with a little more with black cabinets.

Gray. Gray is still neutral, but it stands out a little more than white does. You can pair gray cabinets with bolder flooring and countertop choices. This shade also pairs well with other neutral choices, like wood flooring or granite countertops. Gray cabinets offer a lot of versatility and allow a homeowner to opt for a variety of different kitchen styles.

Navy Blue. We think that navy blue can make for a great cabinet color as well. You can pair it with bright colors and it probably won’t clash. It’s a cool, sophisticated shade that can help you kitchen stand out in a good way, and it’s not so bold that it won’t stand the test of time. A kitchen with navy blue cabinets will look great for a long time. Other shades of blue, including lighter ones, could also work well. If you’re remodeling a beach house, for example, light blue cabinets could give you just the vibe you’re looking for.

Other Colors

Of course some other shades could work well too. Yellow cabinets can attract attention for all the right reasons. Red cabinets can make a bold statement, if they don’t overpower the room. Green can be soothing and help create a relaxed earthy vibe. Whatever shade you choose, we’ll help you make it work.

Your Home Remodeling Team in Scottsdale, AZ

So when you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, talk to our team here at ArDan Construction. We’re offering custom cabinet designs for every budget and homeowner preference. We look forward to helping you too.