The Top 6 Design Trends for 2022

In 2021, the pandemic took us all on yet another rollercoaster ride – slowly dissipating and then charging back. This affected the health of workers in all industries, including the building trades. It also impacted manufacturing globally. The effects of this disruption on the collective psyche of consumers will likely be evident for decades to come. However, in the short run, it has driven trends in every part of daily living.

Shortages in both construction workers and home products that are stuck offshore due to our inability to “yank the supply chain,” are bound to impact the design trends for 2022. Even with these challenges, there are fascinating new technology and styles in home design. 

Here are our predictions for home design and remodeling trends in 2022!


1. Sustainability

Sustainable building practices have long been a focus of environmentalists, but recent shifts in the global dialogue have brought the benefits for individual homeowners to the forefront, sparking a new wave of adoption. High-performance windows and solar panels help homeowners reduce energy use, which can also help homeowners save money. Native trees and grasses can help create water-efficient landscapes, but also attract pleasing wildlife. 

When personal benefits have a positive collateral impact on the world, everyone benefits!


2. Multifunctionality

Single-use spaces seem to be a thing of the past. In the light of architectural strides and design, we expect interior design trends in 2022 to feature creative ideas for multifunctional rooms. This multifunctionality applies to furniture as well. That office desk, found in the home office/home gym, might also serve as a very cool workout bench.

If anything, the trend towards working from home, which gained traction in 2020, is picking up steam when it comes to using our spaces in multifunctional ways. This is the case even though some workers are more-than-ready to leave the kitchen table and get back to a real office. Home offices come in all shapes and sizes. But whatever the look, the aim is to make your space work for you. So, when designing your own office, keep in mind that functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are equally important. 


3. Dinner Theater

Those designers who predicted that the kitchen would become the new entertainment mecca in a home should consider purchasing a lottery ticket as soon as possible! Living in a pandemic world has transformed the kitchen into just that. For proof, consider one of the hottest design trends in the kitchen – two islands.

The pandemic’s effects on how we live have also altered the kitchen equation. As demand for hyper-flexible spaces rises, double islands have become a place for stay-at-home work, schooling, cooking, and eating.

Of course, this trend gives new meaning to “dinner and a show.” 


4. Light and Bright

Most homeowners dream of light and bright spaces throughout their homes. One way to deliver that is with plenty of windows that stream in natural light. Long banks of multiple windows, sometimes on two or even three walls, create a space full of light, breeze — if the windows are operable — and views. Thanks to the rise of hardworking pantry walls, storage optimized island bases, and lower cabinets that allow homeowners to skip upper cabinets, we anticipate homeowners to go with expansive runs of windows in 2022.


5. Stylish designs for aging in place

Many homeowners embark on a renovation to create their forever home, and that means incorporating universal design principles that will assist with accessibility for years to come. These days, universal design prioritizes products and features that look as good as they are functional. Some grab bars, for example, come in trendy finishes like champagne bronze or matte black and hide their function as a towel bar, doing double duty while still meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. Other accessible design features like curbless showers, non-slip flooring, and shower benches have become desirable and stylish features for homeowners of all ages. 

We recently wrote a blog post dedicated to aging in place, click here to read and learn more!


6. Bringing the Outside In

Social distancing encouraged homeowners to discover the joy of cooking and entertaining outdoors, no matter the season. According to Houzz, search data has shown that people want their backyards to be relaxing extensions of their interior living spaces. The best way to do that is through imitation! There have been major advances in outdoor materials in recent years, allowing manufacturers to create stylish and durable outdoor sofas, tables, rugs, chairs, and decor. Add an outdoor fireplace, maybe a TV, and the line between indoors and out seemingly disappears.