Trendy Updates You Can Make to your Master Bath

The experts at ArDan Construction are always keeping up-to-date on the latest trends in bathroom remodeling. If you’re looking for a master bath that looks trendy and won’t age poorly, we’re ready to help. Let’s take a closer look at some recent trends and see if they could work for your next remodel.

A New Most Popular Color

For a few years gray was one of the most popular colors for a bathroom, but that’s changing in 2019. Right now many homeowners are opting for a darker style, which means more black. Gray might remain pretty popular, but if you really want your master bath to stand out more black is going to help. We see this shade frequently in light fixtures, mirrors, vanities, and more, and we’ll help you see if it works for the look of your master bath.

Underfloor Heating

Some homeowners are even adding underfloor heating systems to their master bath these days. You don’t have to worry about cold tiles in the winter months. If you’re particularly sensitive to cold, this might be a good investment.

More Technology

On that same note, more homeowners are outfitting their bathrooms with more tech than ever. Wireless music systems that can aid in relaxation, warming drawers for robes, sheets, and blankets, televisions, and even under counter refrigerators for certain medications or cosmetics. The bathroom is going to get more and more tech-friendly in the next few years.

A Comeback for Vintage Fixtures

Sometimes new trends can end up being influenced by the past, bringing back once popular design choices for a new set of homeowners to experiment with. Some things that might go great in your master bath remodel are various vintage fixtures. Brass faucets, gold plumbing fixtures, and similar additions can add some warmth to your master bath. These classic fixtures also offer more finish options than ever, giving you even more choices when it comes to your remodel. Gold and brass also don’t show fingerprints or water spots, making cleaning up easier.

Bigger Bathtubs and Showers

More people are also opening up their bathtubs and showers to give themselves more space. A bigger bathtub can be more relaxing and an open shower has a unique modern look. Remodeling your master bath should be all about comfort, so either of these options might work for you.

More Wood Accents

We’ve also noticed that wood accents are making a comeback. Wood can offer some big advantages when you’re doing a master bath remodel. It can compliment a variety of colors, from blue to white to darker shades. Wood accents go nicely with a variety of styles too, whether you decide you want a vintage master bath or a more modern look. You can also get creative with different shapes of wood countertops and shelving, giving your master bath a truly unique look.

Your Bathroom Remodeling Team in Phoenix, AZ

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