Remodeling Tips for Fountain Hills Homeowners

If you’re considering a remodel in beautiful Fountain Hills, AZ, it’s essential to understand the permit process and how Ardan Construction LLC can streamline it for you. Whether you have a homeowner’s association (HOA) or not, we will guide you through the steps involved and provide estimated timelines for permit acceptance. In this post, we’ll explain how our knowledgeable team can assist you in navigating the process efficiently. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Scope the Remodel and Gather Documents

Collaborate with Ardan Construction LLC to determine the scope of your remodel and gather all the necessary documents, including architectural plans, engineering drawings, and specifications. Our team will work with you to ensure the completeness of your documentation. Without an HOA, the estimated timeline for permit acceptance is typically around 2-4 weeks.

Step 2: Engage a Knowledgeable General Contractor

Working with a knowledgeable general contractor like Ardan Construction LLC is crucial to streamline the permit process. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, addressing any regulations from the Community Development Department. If you have an HOA, we will efficiently incorporate their requirements. The estimated timeline for permit acceptance may be extended to 4-6 weeks if an HOA is involved.

Step 3: Complete and Submit the Permit Application

With Ardan Construction LLC’s assistance, accurately complete the permit application and attach the required supporting documents. We will collaborate with you to ensure all necessary information is provided, including any additional requirements from the HOA if applicable.

Step 4: Plan Review and Permit Issuance

During the plan review phase, the Community Development Department will assess your plans and specifications. If an HOA is involved, Ardan Construction LLC will proactively address any concerns raised by the HOA, streamlining the review process. The estimated timeline for permit acceptance, including plan review and permit issuance, may range from 6-8 weeks with an HOA.

When undertaking a remodel project in Fountain Hills, AZ, Ardan Construction LLC can streamline the permit process for you. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the steps, ensuring compliance with the Community Development Department’s regulations. If you have an HOA, we’ll efficiently address their requirements to save you time. Keep in mind that estimated timelines for permit acceptance can vary, with an average of 2-4 weeks without an HOA and 6-8 weeks with an HOA. Trust in our expertise to navigate the permit process smoothly and embark on your remodel project with confidence!