Top 10 Things to Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Will your kitchen remodel be a success or an exercise in frustration? You’d be surprised how much of that is up to you. A professional kitchen remodeler like can make your kitchen the centerpiece of your home, but much of what happens during that process depends on you. Here are ten tips for a happy and successful kitchen remodel.

Know Your Needs

Remodeling projects address both wants and needs. You may simply be sick of looking at the same cabinets and appliances, or you may realize that many of the things around your kitchen are in disrepair. Often as not, your remodeling project will involve both categories, but be clear to yourself and everyone else involved what’s necessary, and the areas on which you’re willing to compromise.

Know Your Budget

Many of us would love one of those gleaming, high-tech kitchens that looks like it was transported in from a famous food show. That kind of kitchen costs serious money, and if you’re on a more modest budget, some compromises will be necessary. Figure out what you can comfortably afford, then scale back by at least ten to fifteen percent; that will be a valuable cushion later if you realize you need to make changes.

Plan Your Design

A kitchen remodel is complex and time-consuming. This isn’t the time to wing it. Bring in an architect (if needed) and an interior designer to consult at this stage so you know whether your vision is affordable, practical, and timely.

Research Your Contractors

Once you have your design — and only then — find someone to execute it. A good contractor should be licensed and insured. Just as importantly, they should be not just willing but eager to show you their kitchen remodeling portfolio and furnish references.

Get Everything in Writing

A proper contract spells out in detail exactly what’s needed from demolition through to cleaning up the last speck of sawdust. Materials, labor, procedures for changes (and the charges they’ll incur), and your warranty should all be among the items spelled out in the contract.

Establish a Point of Contact

Even if you’ve planned your project so thoroughly that not a single change is needed (and if that’s the case, we love you!), we still suggest designating one person as a point of contact, and your contractor should do the same. There should be someone with whom you can discuss project progress, problems that arise, or any other issue that comes up during your kitchen renovation.

Plan for Changes

Things happen that neither you nor your contractor could possibly have anticipated. It could be something as simple as realizing that the granite countertops will take you over budget, or it could be a major structural issue revealed during demolition. In either case, be prepared to roll with the punches.

Know When to Follow Someone Else’s Lead

Your vendors — your contractor, their subcontractors, your designer, your architect — have experience with remodeling. They may have suggestions based on that experience, and sometimes that experience and your vision may not align perfectly. Hear them out anyway; if they’re making a suggestion, there’s often a good reason behind it.

Schedule a Getaway

Any remodeling project is stressful. You may not be able to get away for the duration of the project, but schedule a day or two to get away from the constant racket. You’ll be out of the contractor’s’ hair, and your nerves won’t be constantly set on edge by the sounds of demolition and construction. Bonus: time it right and you can come home to a completed job in your beautiful new kitchen!

Know When Not to Remodel

If you’re selling your home in the near future and thinking that you’ll turn a profit on a kitchen remodel, think again. The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms in your home that are most likely to be targeted for a remodel by the new owners; they may not succumb to the charms of your remodel since they have plans of their own. Besides, prospective buyers are likely to be looking elsewhere — like your roof — when they’re buying. If you’re remodeling, it should be with your own tastes and comfort in mind.

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