Top 5 Tips for Aging in Place

There are many reasons to remodel your home. One good reason to change things up is an aging occupant. If you or one of your loved ones have decided to age in place, there are some things that you can do to make a home safer or more accommodating. Here at ArDan, we can help you turn your beloved home into the perfect dwelling for aging in place.

More Lighting

As you get older your vision tends to get worse. That’s why more lighting, and better lighting, is needed if someone plans to age in place in their home. Adding in more fixtures and brighter lighting can really help a senior avoid falls, bumps into furniture, or other injuries that can be much more debilitating for an older person. Even the addition of a skylight could be a nice touch, depending on the home’s layout and how much sun it gets.

Remove Tripping Hazards

On that same note, removing tripping hazards is a critical part of remodeling a home for a senior who’s going to age in place. A fall may not seem like a big deal to a younger person, but for seniors it can be deadly. This is especially true if they have an ailment like osteoporosis to deal with. Making sure that power outlets are conveniently placed can help, so that you won’t have cords blocking areas that are frequently walked through.
Thought can also be given to the flooring. Carpets or rugs that bunch up can present tripping hazards, as can a transition between different types of flooring. Make those transitions as clear as possible and remove any carpeting that could be an issue.

Update Doorways

Your doorways may not be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or you may only have entryways that require climbing stairs. New doorways that are wider and a completely new entryway may be critically important to your remodel if the senior aging in place has mobility issues.

Grab Bars and Handrails

You also want to make sure that a senior can be as mobile as possible as they age in place and that certain daily activities remain accessible to them. Installing grab bars and handrails can make a big difference and keep a senior safer. A grab bar in the bedroom can help someone get out of bed safely. One in the bathroom, or in the shower specifically, can help reduce the chance of a nasty fall. These new additions can help a senior maintain autonomy and a daily routine safely.

Make the Kitchen Accessible

A more accessible kitchen can also help a senior maintain their normal routine. Lower countertops and more accessible appliances are a must. Different considerations have to be made for seniors in wheelchairs as well. So don’t skip over the kitchen when remodeling for someone who’s aging in place.

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