Why You Should Renovate Near Grayhawk

The Living Room

Location, location, location. The slogan is commonly used by realtors as a primary motivation to purchase a specific property. The phrase rings true regarding homes in North Scottsdale near Grayhawk Golf Club. The views are close to unmatched, the golf is fantastic, and the community is superb. If you are looking for a safe place to raise a family or an active area to retire, look no further. With that being said, much of the area surrounding the golf course has already been developed. The best option is to remodel an existing structure with the viewpoint and location you desire. In short, you should renovate your home near Grayhawk so that you may enjoy all the amenities it has to offer, without moving further away.

Our Experience

In the past few years, our team has had the opportunity of interacting with a handful of fantastic clients in the Grayhawk community. Recently, we have completed a project in the Tesoro community. On that specific project, our clients reside in Arizona during our beautiful winters, while they spend the rest of their year in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They had a simple reason for wanting to live in North Scottsdale, their grandchildren. They wanted to make sure their winter home felt like their home back in Cape Cod. We can say with confidence that we brought Cape Cod to Scottsdale.

Project Details

The project required a full demolition of the home, and a removal of a wall dividing the kitchen from the living room. The results are astounding, and full of intricate detail. In the entryway, a shell chandelier and cut-out featuring a simple art-piece highlight the space. The living room is characterized by a solid wood accent wall and fireplace. In the kitchen, an open concept illuminates a hole on the Grayhawk Golf Course. The master bedroom showcases a gorgeous headboard and nightstands made of walnut with a matching stain as the centerpiece of the living room. The master bathroom incorporates double vanities with a curb less shower. Overall, the home was a complete reset. The homeowners had the opportunity to make it their own, which is another reason why you should renovate you home near Grayhawk.

The Results

Since then, our clients have played golf consistently, enjoyed spending time with their grandchildren, and even joined a hiking group traversing the McDowell Mountains. They are a perfect example of why Scottsdale living is ideal, moreover why living on Grayhawk Golf Club is idyllic.

Your Home Remodeling Team at Grayhawk Golf Club

If you’re ready to transform your home, ArDan Construction can help. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you employ our home remodeling team. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.