How to Keep Your Home in Great Condition (Even When You’re Not Around)

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The Scottsdale area is a popular location for many couples and families to purchase a second home. The weather, low real estate tax, and abundant outdoor activities and scenery are all great reasons to consider Scottsdale as your second home destination. Having a second home means that you’re not always around, but that home is a piece of you.

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Let’s say you like to spend the typically colder months in a warmer climate like that of Arizona – but you go back to your main home to enjoy Spring, Summer, and Fall. What if you could come back to your Scottsdale home and it is just as nice as you left it? As home remodeling, building, and repair experts – we have some tips on things to think about that will keep your home in great condition all year long.


AC Maintenance

Hire a licensed HVAC contractor to come by and test your system.


Drain Maintenance

Add RV-grade antifreeze to all plumbing drains such as sinks and toilets. The antifreeze will prevent water in the drains from evaporating and control gasses from the drains. If you have a housekeeper, you can also have them run the water periodically.


Turn off Water Supply

Turn off the water supply to the home. This can prevent a flood.


Turn Your Thermostat

Turn the thermostat to 85 degrees Fahrenheit for the summer months.


Outdoor Irrigation

Set your irrigation timers properly and ensure that your irrigation water supply is not turned off.


Fridge & Freezer

Clean out the fridge and freezer of food that may expire before your return. We recommend cleaning both our completely, unplugging and leaving the doors open.


Unplug Appliances

In the event of a power surge, this will prevent the damage of electronics and other equipment. It could also prevent a fire if an appliance shorts out.


Bring in Outdoor Furniture

Bring your outdoor furniture into your garage. This will prevent damage from monsoons and heat.


Replace batteries

Be sure to replace the back-up batteries in your fire alarms, security systems, and thermostats.


Roof & Gutter Inspection

Make certain that your roof and gutters are thoroughly inspected before you take off for your summer destination. This will help prevent water damage.


Hire a Home Watch Service

Feeling overwhelmed by the list above? That’s where ArDan Services comes in. Our Home Watch Services were built around the need for a trusted professional to take care of and watch over your home while you are away. Click here to learn more about our Home Watch Services.


ArDan can ease your worries knowing your second home will be kept safe in the off-season and ready to go for your return!

Your Home Watch Team

If you’re preparing to leave for the summer, the Services team at ArDan Construction is here to help! Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.