Wall and Window Leaks and Repair

Leaks and water damage. Did you just cringe a little? If you are a homeowner or property manager, you should have. As professional renovators, we receive many calls and inquiries about leaks and flood damage. The truth is that many people will have to repair a leak at some point. The differentiator is whether you are prepared to get it fixed or not.

The Homeowner

We have said this many times before, but for most people, their home is one of their most important assets. Water damage is a huge threat to your home’s aesthetics and structure. In older homes, we see leak problems often, especially if the home’s exterior consists of stucco. The stucco breaks down over time, sometimes only allowing minimal amounts of water in. Unfortunately, even a small amount of water can still cause damage, specifically mold. Mold is a huge threat to homeowners due to their hazardous risk toward human health. In addition, we often see leaks occur around windows, below, the landscape line on the exterior of a home, and scuppers.

The Property Manager

Concerning property managers, your biggest fear primarily lies in tenant health and your buildings’ structural health. Sometimes it can be hard to determine when a leak started and how extensive the damage is. To solve this, our team offers water testing inspections so that we can pinpoint where the water entered and create a solution. Additionally, we can repair the interior issues the water causes. Some of these items include but are not limited to, drywall, paint, cabinets, flooring, and more. Instead of bogging down your maintenance team, trust our team to repair it for you.

Your Home and Property Renovation Team in Scottsdale, AZ

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