5 Secrets for New Scottsdale & Phoenix Homeowners

North Central Phoenix

To all the new Arizona residents moving in every day – welcome to our sunny state! Owning and caring for a home in Arizona has some nuances. Scottsdale and Phoenix see some harsh weather and you’ll need to be in the know to prepare for the hot summers, surprise desert freezes, monsoons, and more! Here are 5 tips for new Scottsdale/Phoenix homeowners.


1. 3 ways to beat the heat

First, check that your sprinkler system and air conditioner are in working order by mid-April when temperatures begin to rise. Second, make sure that your pool, if you have one, has an automatic water filler installed because when the temperatures really heat up in June, July, and August evaporation becomes an issue! Finally, check in on the condition of your south and western-facing window screens that get blasted with high-power sun all summer long.


North Phoenix Custom Home Outdoor Pool


2. Desert freezes are no joke!

The high desert areas like Desert Mountain and Rio Verde are prone to freezing temperatures in the winter months. Prepare your home by covering outdoor water spigots and insulating water lines. (If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time over the winter call on a Home Watch Service to monitor your home while you’re away!)


3. Check your roof

Your roof is your first line of defense against extreme weather. Check to ensure there are no leaks, holes, or missing shingles in order to avoid mold and excessive energy costs. A dependable roof is also a good line of defense against monsoon season. From mid-June to September you can expect heavy rain and thunderstorms.


4. Smart home = smart homeowner

Nowadays, there is smart home technology for almost everything: your doorbell, thermostat, lighting, security, and even HVAC, water features, and fire pots! Many of the home and condo owners we work with live in Arizona part-time so having that connection to your home right at your fingertips gives you the peace of mind you need.


5. Start with the kitchen

If you’re considering a remodel, start with the kitchen! The kitchen is where we gather for celebrations, at the end of every day, and, during the pandemic, the kitchen became a home office, classroom, and conference room on top of a food prep area. You deserve to have the room you use the most to serve your exact needs.