Green Remodeling Tips for Your Home

Custom Home Kitchen

A kitchen or bathroom remodel for your Scottsdale area home or commercial rental property is a big decision made up of many smaller decisions — the types of appliances, cabinet installation, and even the color scheme will all be debated endlessly. Before you pick up the phone to call our Scottsdale home renovation professionals, we’ll make a suggestion: green goes with everything.


Why Go “Green”?

We don’t just mean the color. Maybe you had an ecru in mind or a subdued cornflower blue. We mean making your home more Earth-friendly, which has some unexpected benefits for you as a homeowner. ArDan Construction has helped many people for whom the environmental concerns may not have been top of mind, but who loved the savings on their utility bills nonetheless. Best of all, green need not mean more expensive; it’s simply a matter of careful design and careful sourcing of the fixtures and appliances that will round out your remodel.


Preparing for Your Green Remodel

Some steps should be taken before your remodel starts. An energy audit helps since it lets you know where you’re using — or wasting — the most energy. Speak to your contractor about passive cooling, as well; careful sizing and placement of windows and other design elements like awnings and pergolas can mean slashing your home heating and cooling bills. The more planning you do in the beginning the smoother the process will be.



In the kitchen, old appliances like your dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator may be costing you in terms of the amount of energy they use. Newer appliances are much more efficient. A kitchen remodel is also a good time to consider replacing your water heater with one that’s newer and more energy-efficient.



Water, water, everywhere — and so many drops wasted. Paying attention to your plumbing and fixtures during a bathroom remodel is about much more than good looks. A single leaky toilet wastes gallons of water per day. So, too, do leaky faucets. New toilets also use less water per flush, and new shower heads still give you the feeling of water pressure that makes for an invigorating shower without wasting water.



Even your choice of materials can make for a greener home. If you’re after a specific period look, whether it’s mid-century modern or a more classic look to complement your home, the use of architectural salvage can be a great way to add character without buying new cabinets, vanities, and the like. If you prefer to buy new or custom-build, there are greener choices here as well for everything from custom cabinetry to bathroom tiles. The only limit is your imagination, so ask us for suggestions!


The motivations our clients have for going green are as varied as the remodeling jobs we’ve taken on in our decade serving Scottsdale homeowners. Some are concerned with their environmental impact or their carbon footprint. Others simply see a golden opportunity to save money on utilities. There’s no wrong reason to go green! If you’re a homeowner or general contractor planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we invite you to call ArDan Construction to see how we can assist you.