5 Upgrades That Add Big Value to Your Condo

Whether you’re getting ready to put your condo on the market or just looking for ways to add value to your home investment, it’s important to consider upgrades. As you probably know by now, not all upgrades, renovations, and condo remodels will provide a return on your investment. You might be asking “which upgrades do add big value to your condo?”. We did some digging because with the right upgrades you have the chance to recuperate up to 100% of your investment. 


These 5 condo upgrades are your best bet if you want to see your money well spent.


New Appliances

Since most people don’t want to have to buy new appliances when they move into their new condo, purchasing a place that has matching, modern appliances are a big deal in the buyer’s mind. If you have old, worn-out appliances, replacing them will help add value and increase future sale potential. If they’re a decent age, but don’t all match or need sprucing up on the outside, contact the manufacturer about purchasing new, matching panels. Take a look at this custom kitchen from ArDan Construction with matching high-end appliances from Café™


Hardwood Floors

Replacing your floors can be an undertaking but it’s a worthy one. Condo owners who replace their floors typically see an 80-100% return on their investment. Nice floors are a huge selling point and give the entire space a luxurious, upgraded, and updated feel. If you’re looking for a small upgrade that’s beneficial whether you’re staying or going, you can’t go wrong with installing classic hardwood throughout your condo! If you’re already planning on replacing appliances as we suggested above, that’s the perfect time to replace old flooring with hardwood!


Storage Space

Closets, closets, closets! Storage is an important part of your condo’s desirability in the eyes of buyers, and adding some is a bonus for you too if you stay. Many condos have a smaller footprint than a single-family home so storage space can be an issue easily solved by expanding a closet or adding a new closet where one is needed. 


Bathroom Renovation 

Nothing can turn away a potential buyer or lower the value of your condo faster than an out-of-date bathroom that needs some serious TLC. Creating a stunning master bathroom and upgrading the guest bathroom is a surefire way to increase your property value as well as your enjoyment of your condo if you intend to stay. 


Here’s a design tip: If you’re selling, keeping the design more neutral is preferable to installing finishes that a potential buyer may not personally like as much as you do.


Kitchen Remodel 

An updated kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your condo and a kitchen remodel can serve many purposes. You can enjoy an updated kitchen with a new layout, new appliances, and a stunning look for years AND increase the value of your condo when you’re ready to sell. A kitchen remodel can breathe life into an outdated space because it’s one of the most used rooms in our homes. That being said, you don’t need to go all out in order to refresh your kitchen. If budget is a top consideration, focus mainly on giving the room a facelift — paint the cabinets, install new fixtures, replace the faucet and sink, and update the appliances if you can. Looking for inspiration? Check out this Tempe Kitchen Remodel


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