Retirement Living in Greater Scottsdale, Arizona

Starting to think about life after retirement? If retiring in Florida just isn’t in the cards for you, consider making the move to Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona. With over 300 days of sunshine, great communities, and many activities to do, we believe Scottsdale and Phoenix are the best places to retire.

When it’s time to downsize and find the perfect retirement home, there is a lot to consider. At ArDan Construction, we help you create an atmosphere and home that will best suit your lifestyle and personal needs as you age. 

Here are the top six things to consider for your home when retiring:

1. Master Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms can become a place for trouble the older we get. Remodeling your master bathroom to perfectly fit your needs is important so you never have to worry about falling or getting stuck. Opening up a shower to allow more space, having a curbless entry, and grab bars in the perfect spots can make the biggest difference. We also like to consider ADA options for the future and other small details like the direction your bathroom door swings open. Our goal is to design a bathroom that is beautiful and comfortable, but most importantly, personal to you and your needs.

2. Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is a space to create memories and spend time with family while cooking a meal together. We want your kitchen to be comfortable and the best fit for you and the way you like to cook. When remodeling a kitchen for retirees, we consider ADA options, replacing cabinets for easier access, flooring, the height of light switches, and adding technology that is simple, but very helpful. We like to discuss with our clients what their concerns and needs are now as well as in 5, 10, and 15 years so that we can build a kitchen that will last for years to come. 

3. Mother-In-Law Setup

If you’re concerned about sending your parents to a nursing home, have you thought about remodeling your home to add a mother-in-law setup? A mother-in-law setup is an area of the home, usually between 400 and 800 square feet, that includes a small kitchenette, a full bathroom with a walk-in curbless shower, and a small living area either indoors or outdoors. Arizona has the perfect weather 10 out of the 12 months of the year, so utilizing an outdoor living space is very ideal. 

4. Casita Living

Maybe adding on a mother-in-law suit directly into your home isn’t going to work. Consider building a casita living area – a separate home detached from the main residence, but built on the same land. The benefits of a casita living area are the close proximity between kids and parents, privacy for the parents, and a great investment into your own property. Retirement homes can run between $60K and $120K per year, so taking two years of that expense and investing it into building your own casita living area can create a huge return in value on the property. 

5. Condo Living in a Gated Community

Living in a condo in a gated community is a great option for people who are newly retired, can still get around easily, have many years to live, don’t need any medical help, but live in a larger home and want to downsize. Living in a gated community has the benefit of streamlining your lifestyle with smaller living spaces, no outdoor maintenance, and living very close to things like a golf course, restaurants, and other entertainment. These spaces are also very basic and easy to remodel to fit your needs and lifestyle.

The greatest part of living in a condo is the flexibility of being able to leave whenever you want for an extended period of time. Most condo building’s exterior and grounds are maintained by the HOA. At ArDan Construction, we also have a Home Watch Service department that can take care of your home while you’re gone by checking the interior for any damage or unforeseen changes, performing regular maintenance needs, and sending you monthly reports. Learn more about our Home Watch Services

6. CCRC Living

Continuing Care Retirement Communities or also known as a Life Plan Communities are set up in stages that are perfect for those ready to move from their home into a retirement community and have the resources to easily transition from independent living to assisted living and skilled nursing care. Independent living includes having your own space within the community, assisted living transitions you into a building that has onsite restaurants, gyms, community pools, theater rooms, unit cleaning and so much more, and lastly, nursing care, which takes place in the same building, but includes regular medical assistance.

CCRC’s in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area are very focused on their people and relationships. They provide abundant care for those that live and work there and pride themselves on taking care of everyone’s needs to the fullest.

It is our desire at ArDan Construction to be your biggest advocate and advisor through these times. Our focus is creating the best relationship with you so that we can discuss, assist, and plan to make you or your loved one’s golden years in Phoenix and Scottsdale truly that – golden.

Your Home Remodeling Team

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you employ ArDan Construction. When you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch with us to discuss your project.