Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Tips provided by Interior Design Expert and ArDan Construction Preferred Partner, Adrienne Hart of ModaScapes Interior Design.


One of the most important parts of your home that is used multiple times a day by everyone in the family – the kitchen. Your kitchen should be the most functional space in your home, aligning with your lifestyle and family, so that every time you are in the kitchen you have a positive experience. We know remodeling your home is a huge investment in time and money, but we also know that it can be a fun and enjoyable process when it’s done the correct way from start to finish. 

Here are the top five mistakes to avoid when remodeling your kitchen:


1. Not hiding the trashcan and other unattractive necessities

Think about your lifestyle, how you use your kitchen, what you use it mostly for, etc. Do you have little ones running about the house and need a snack station? Do you like to host friends and family often and need a bar area or wine refrigerator? Are you a baker? Meal prepper? We encourage our clients to pick out their ‘must-have’ appliances that are most commonly used, make space for those pieces, and then put everything else away. Sharing these things with your designer and contractor is a very important part of allowing them to design and build the perfect space for you. Lastly, a trashcan is not the most attractive part of a kitchen – we suggest building it into a lower cabinet near the sink.

2. Designing for your neighbor…or other interested parties

Find your own style and your own taste, not what your friends and family members like. The last thing you want to do is walk into your newly remodeled kitchen and have regrets. We want to collaborate and build a space that you will love forever.

Trends are often a hot topic when remodeling your home. We believe the more timeless a look is, the longer it will take to come out of style. There are many smaller elements that we can add to a kitchen to make it trendy now but will be easy to replace in the future. Ask your designer what they think about trends and particular pieces of a kitchen.

3. Picking appliances last

First things first, pick out your appliances. Nothing can be planned without knowing the exact model numbers of the appliances you want to purchase. Appliances are also a significant part of the budget, so take the time to look at all of the options, features, or each one, if it fits your family and lifestyle, etc. There are many factors that play into where your appliances will live in your kitchen – flooring, electrical, cabinets, etc. Make sure your new appliances are the first thing you pick out.


4. Inadequate lighting

Your space can instantly look different just by changing the light bulbs. It’s important to have overhead light bulbs that push the light down instead of out. They will show the true color of your walls, cabinets, and counter tops, you’ll be able to see everything better, and it will create a more inviting feel. We believe under cabinet lighting is a must-have and should always be included in the budget – It brings light to the darker spaces of your counter tops and creates a nice ambiance. The rule of thumb for picking out lights is to start with what is the most functional for your space and then add the decorative elements.  

5. Starting without a plan

Lastly, you can’t start a project without a plan. When you have a plan laid out, you will spend less money and less time. Start with a floor plan and cabinet layout and ask yourself a few questions – Can you open all the appliances at the same time? Does the floor plan fit your lifestyle and family? Is there dead space and what will you do with it? Does everything have a place? No one wants a cluttered and dysfunctional kitchen after a remodel – that’s the whole point. After creating a floor plan, you can then pick out materials, finishes, and designs. The more detailed information you can provide a contractor, the more accurate a bid they can give you, and the quicker they can finish your beautiful kitchen.

Invest in a space that is designed to fit your lifestyle and family.

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Info from Interior Design Expert Adrienne Hart

ArDan Construction partners with many knowledgeable professionals – one of them being Adrienne Hart of ModaScapes Interior Design


Adrienne recently participated in our webinar series, teaching attendees how to avoid common remodeling mistakes! Click below to watch!