Elements to Consider When Building Your Home Office

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As more and more of the population are working from home and realizing that this new normal is working for them, the “home office” is becoming a must. With careful planning, you and your remodeling contractor can create a space where you can be truly productive

Remote work arrangements have been on the upswing for a long time. Research firm Global Workplace Analytics figured in 2019 that there were 4.3 million telecommuters in the US or about 3.2% of the workforce. That was before a pandemic-related lockdown and nationwide civil unrest. Now, with even more individuals and companies seeing this as a viable solution, those same researchers project that up to 30% of us will be working at home at least part-time by the end of next year.

It should be no surprise that this trend is elevating the home office from an amenity to a must-have. A new custom home is a chance to create an office that’s functional, useful, even life-affirming—a space you will look forward to stepping into each morning, space where you can feel like a CEO even if you aren’t one.

Here are several things we want you to consider before diving into your home office renovation:

  • Short on space? The home office can double as a guest room or quiet study nook.
  • If you can, incorporate natural lighting – studies show that exposure to natural light during the day makes you sleep better at night, in turn making you more productive the next day!
  • Ventilation is key: bringing in fresh air and reducing carbon dioxide goes a long way toward keeping you alert. If you expect to spend long hours at your desk with the door closed, think about running dedicated supply and return ventilation ducts to the office.
  • Don’t forget to properly hook yourself up…most jobs require access to electrical outlets and, of course, WiFi. If your router will be in another part of the house, then running data wire to the office for a wireless access point will boost the signal.

Invest in a space that is suited to you and your family’s needs.

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