Grayhawk Remodel Update

After starting near the end of July, our whole home renovation project in North Scottsdale is well underway. Our team is putting in long hours, and we are on track to finish in October before our clients move to the Grayhawk community. As we craft our clients’ new home, we hope it is a space they will truly enjoy.

The Home

The home is currently being rebuilt. All of the demolition is completed. We have ripped out all of the flooring and carpet. We have also removed the wall separating the kitchen and living room. The drywall has been installed, and we have started with the kitchen cabinet layout. The master bathroom vanity and existing shower have been torn out. The fireplace is being replaced, and an amazing accent wall and fireplace combination with be put in its place.

The Project

The project has come along well thus far. Our team has been hard at work, including our sub-contractors, as we collaborate. Moving forward, we will get the cabinets set, the master bathroom plumbed, the flooring installed, and the finishes completed. We are excited for the finishes that the client has chosen, including a shell chandelier, beautiful fireplace accent, and custom headboard in the master bedroom.

The Clients

Our clients have still not seen the project. They would like us to be finished in October so they can move themselves and their new furniture in. That way they can escape chilly Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and come down to experience North Scottsdale’s mild winters. Our project manager has done a superb job in updating them consistently, even though they are thousands of miles away. We are definitely grateful for technological advances during a project like this.

Your Home Remodeling Team in Scottsdale, AZ

The Grayhawk Project is completed. We have the full details over in our Portfolio, check out the finishes.