North Scottsdale Whole-Home Renovation Update

A few months have passed and our whole-home renovation is fully demolished. We are knee-deep in this project, and it is coming along great. We have a full effort and team assembled to get this project done in a timely manner. As we put together our client’s home, we all hope it is a space that she will love.

The Home

Since the home was ripped down to bare bones, we have replaced the drywall, flooring, and re-painted. The kitchen space has been re-configured. The wall between the kitchen and the dining room has been ripped down, while the fixtures in the kitchen have been changed. In general, the progress in the home has been coming along well.

The Project

Our team has shaved everything in the bathrooms down to a clean slate. We are looking to install a curb less shower in the master bathroom. The beams in the living room will be refinished. Also, due to the opening of certain spaces, it has allowed for more natural light in the home. Last but not least, the ducting has some work left as well. Air conditioning is crucial during the summer months in Scottsdale.

The Clients

Our client has picked finishes for the home. Her finishes, including paint colors, are undoubtedly bold and bright. The fixtures she has picked are functional and gorgeous. Meanwhile, her master shower is going to be a serene space to unwind after long days. The backsplash will be eye-catching, as will her entire living room. The home will be an ideal space for entertaining. We are certain that our client will feel peaceful in her newly renovated home.

Your Home Remodeling Team in Scottsdale, AZ

The North Scottsdale Whole-Home Renovation is completed. We have the full details over in our Portfolio See the finishes.