Finding Inspiration for Your Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It needs to be functional, spacious enough, and, perhaps most of all, it needs to fit you. What do you really want in a new bathroom? Plan it out carefully, examine the latest trends, and then we can help you act.

Figure Out Your Needs

How many people are using the bathroom? How often? How much room do you need? Are you looking for style or practicality? Figuring out the answers to these questions will help you figure out what kind of bathroom you want when your remodel is finished. We can’t tell you what you need out of a new bathroom. Only you can come to that conclusion.

Know Your Budget

Another important consideration is your budget. You know how much you can afford to spend on a bathroom remodel. Stick to that budget and we’ll still be able to help you build a beautiful new bathroom. Keep in mind that the size and scope of your project will really affect cost. Ripping out a master bathroom and redoing it is going to be far more costly than just updating your guest bathroom.

Be Aware of What a Bathroom Remodel Entails

Bathroom remodeling isn’t a simple task. Realize that a major redo of an entire room of your home can result in disruption, sometimes for a long period of time. Plan it out and make sure that the whole family is fine sharing the remaining bathroom or bathrooms, and try to plan it at a time where usage is lower. Maybe the kids go away for summer camp so there are less people in the house in need of a bathroom for a few weeks. Good timing can help make a bathroom remodel go a little smoother.

Have a Style Book

There are a lot of places to draw inspiration from when you’re remodeling your bathroom. You’ve read home design magazines, you’ve browsed the web, and you’ve probably seen things in real life that you really like. Make a “style book” to keep tabs on all potential sources of inspiration. This is the time to figure out which materials you like, what fixtures interest you, and what kind of lighting you need.
This is an easy way to keep track of all of your ideas. Show it to your family to see what they like. Ask friends who recently redid their bathrooms to contribute. Then keep your book around and give the contractor an idea of what you’re looking for. We can tell you what’s more feasible, how much some looks might cost, and if any of your ideas might result in extra construction time.

Your Home Remodeling Team in Scottsdale, AZ

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