What Type of Casita is Right for Me?

So, you’re interested in building a casita! Smart move. Casitas (also commonly referred to as guest houses or accessory dwelling units/ADUs) add value to your property while providing the perfect space for multigenerational housing. 


When it comes to casitas, you have three options: attached, detached, or converted space. An attached casita can look like an addition to your existing home but would include its own separate kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom, or studio space, and, usually, a separate entrance. A detached casita will be its own new structure on your property. This new structure must be at least 10 feet away from any existing structure – such as the main home, shed, or garage. A casita built from converted space is usually referring to a basement, attic, or garage conversion. The city of Scottsdale has rules around what can be classified as a casita/guest house. 


A guesthouse is an accessory building or portion of the main building used to house guests of the occupants of the main building.

In addition to the above, guest houses are subject to the following criteria:


  • The cumulative square footage of the guest house(s) shall be no greater than one-half (1/2) the livable square footage of the main dwelling.
  • The guest house shall be connected to the water meter for the main dwelling. It shall not be separately metered.
  • The guest house shall not be rented or offered for rent independent of the main dwelling.
  • Dwelling units, single-family, including Vacation rental or Short-term rental, are limited to one main dwelling per lot.
  • A guest house that is architecturally connected to the main building shall comply with the yard requirements of the main building.



How do you intend to use your casita?

I’m interested in building a casita for multigenerational housing

Whether you have a new college grad looking to get on their feet while maintaining a sense of independence or an aging parent that you would like to keep close during their twilight years, casitas are the perfect multigenerational housing solution. A casita provides independent living space for your loved one to live safely in your care without sacrificing their dignity or breaking the bank. 


If you’re building a casita with multigenerational housing in mind you could plausibly choose attached, detached, or converted space as long as the converted space is already easily accessible (no stairs). 


I’m interested in increasing my property value

Having an additional living space on your property will increase its value. As the populations of Scottsdale and Phoenix continue to grow, casitas will become increasingly popular housing solutions for families moving to the area and those native to the area.


If your main motivator behind building a casita is to increase your property value we recommend either a detached or attached casita. If you were to convert your garage space, then you lose that valuable resale asset. By adding new space you’ll be bolstering your value rather than trading in one valuable space for another. 


I’d like to have a guesthouse for visitors to stay in

Having private living quarters for short-term or long-term guests is a dream of many. Perhaps you have relatives that live far away and stay for long periods of time when they are able to visit – having a separate space for them to stay can help keep the peace during an extended visit. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your in-laws, sometimes 1 week together in the same house is just too much. With a guest house, everyone can live the life they’re accustomed to in peace and happiness. 


If private space for your guests is your main motivator behind building a casita then we recommend a detached casita. This will give you and your guests maximum privacy during their stay.


There are many reasons why the residents of Scottsdale are building casitas on their properties. If you’re considering building a custom casita and would like to talk to an expert builder to learn more about your options and what the best fit for your property would be, give ArDan Construction a call. We would be more than happy to do an in-person or virtual walkthrough of your property and discuss your intended use of your casita to figure out the best solution for your casita/guest house needs!