Why You Should Invest in Multi-Generational Housing

Adding a casita to your property has many benefits. One of the most common reasons homeowners build a casita, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU), is to increase the value of their property. The amount of money required to construct the casita can be minuscule in comparison to the value-added to the overall property. The second most common reason is to provide a multi-generational living space on your property for aging loved ones. 


We all want the best care for our loved ones. So, when our loved ones get too old to care for themselves without some supervision, having them live with you is one alternative people think about when it comes to taking care of your relative. However, having a loved one live with you can create rifts between those living in the household. Privacy isn’t always easy when you have so many people crammed into your house that wasn’t meant for an extra person.


Therefore, having ArDan Construction build a multigenerational living space, granny flat, or in-law suite on your property. It might be just what you’ve been searching for to create a more peaceful environment for everyone involved. We can create an elegant home near your home that will allow you to visit and check up on your mother-in-law or grandmother. Allowing them their own space can also make them feel like they aren’t crowding you in your home, making them more agreeable to moving to a place near you and more affordable. Casitas built by ArDan Construction includes a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and whatever else you might decide is needed. Each home we build will also be modernized and beautifully crafted by our team of designers.


Health and safety are a major consideration for homeowners with family members that require home care. When building a casita for multi-generational housing purposes, we can be sure to build with safety and accessibility in mind. ADUs help homeowners comfortably manage aging parents or family members with disabilities or other health requirements.


Having an accessory home gives both parties access to each other while providing a tremendous amount of autonomy, greatly improving the quality of life for entire families and eliminating the enormous costs of care facilities or home care assistance.


Are you considering building a casita for an aging loved one instead of moving them into assisted living? Give us a call or contact us via our website contact form today to talk with an ArDan Construction expert.