Selecting a Suitable Lot for Your Custom Home

New Construction Custom Home

So, you’re thinking about building a custom home! The first step, after finding a custom home contractor to build your home, is to find a suitable lot on which to build. Why do we recommend finding a contractor before you even have land on which to build? Your contractor is a building expert. They most likely have knowledge that you don’t have in terms of what to look for in the soil, what might cause challenges, the zoning of the area to predict what the area might look like in the future, and more. 


Here is a list of things to consider before purchasing a piece of vacant land or property to build on:

  • City or County Zoning requirements
    • Perhaps you’re looking for rural living and the lot you’re looking at is currently zoned to eventually put in a development
  • Building setback requirements
    • Setback requirements may hinder you from building the home of your dreams depending on the lot size and your square footage
  • Is the lot a hillside or flat?
    • A hillside with a view is beautiful but, depending on the soil and the structure of the hillside, the lot may not be a viable build-site.
  • What will it take to bring power, water, and septic to the property?
    • Power, water, and septic are modern necessities – it’s important to factor in how much running a connection to a powerline would cost if you’re looking to be on-the-grid, if there is a city water connection, or if you’d be drilling a well, and if the soil is viable for septic if there is no city septic to which you can connect.
  • Is the property located or near a flood zone?
    • This could cause potential problems in the future. Your contractor could include flood mitigation in the building plan but you may not get approval to buy the lot to build if there are potential problems such as a flood zone.
  • What will the adjoining properties look like when they are eventually developed?
    • This is a way of looking at if you’ll be right up against your neighbors or if you’ll be in a more private, open space.
  • What kind of landscaping will you want your property to have?
    • If you want a lawn to rival your neighborhood golf course, we wouldn’t recommend buying land in the desert. 
  • Are you considering adding a guest home, RV Garage or Shop, Pool, or other outbuildings to the property eventually?
    • It’s important to look into the future, no matter how distant projects like this might feel, to see if the land you’re considering has the space and zoning for outbuildings. 


Bringing your contractor with you as you search for land is a fantastic way to set up your project for success as you move forward. Having a lay of the land, literally, will help your contractor formulate a plan for building your home that works with your land and your vision for a custom home. 


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