Why Build a Casita or ADU in Scottsdale?

Reason 1 – Family There’s a reason casitas were originally often referred to as “granny flats”.  They were a place for us to help house our aging elders while still giving them some independence. In today’s housing climate, though, given the high cost of real estate, elevated rents, and low availability of affordable housing, it’s […]

What Type of Casita is Right for Me?

So, you’re interested in building a casita! Smart move. Casitas (also commonly referred to as guest houses or accessory dwelling units/ADUs) add value to your property while providing the perfect space for multigenerational housing.    When it comes to casitas, you have three options: attached, detached, or converted space. An attached casita can look like […]

Why You Should Invest in Multi-Generational Housing

Adding a casita to your property has many benefits. One of the most common reasons homeowners build a casita, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU), is to increase the value of their property. The amount of money required to construct the casita can be minuscule in comparison to the value-added to the overall property. The second […]

Top 3 Things to Consider When Building a Guest House

So you have some extra land and you want to build yourself a guest house. Maybe you’re looking to make some extra money from a renter. Perhaps you’re getting ready to move an older relative in so you can help them out in their later years. Whatever the reason, there are many things to consider […]

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