4 Tips for a Stress-Free Remote Build or Remodel

The term “long-distance” doesn’t have the best reputation. If you’re doing something long-distance it takes at least two engaged and invested parties to make it work. Building or remodeling a home is no different. Whether you’re up in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest or the shores of the east coast – the sunshine of […]

When to Start Looking for a Custom Home Contractor: a Detailed Timeline

Building a custom home is a big task. It is a big time commitment, many decisions are to be made throughout the process, and everything is building up (literally and figuratively) to a brand new, custom-built future for you and your family. That being said, finding the right contractor to build your custom home is […]

Selecting a Suitable Lot for Your Custom Home

New Construction Custom Home

So, you’re thinking about building a custom home! The first step, after finding a custom home contractor to build your home, is to find a suitable lot on which to build. Why do we recommend finding a contractor before you even have land on which to build? Your contractor is a building expert. They most […]

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