Benefits of Hiring a Design-Build Contractor

Here at ArDan Construction, we know that not everyone is a home remodeling expert. Many people may not know that different companies take a different approach to the work that they do. At our company, we use the design-build approach, and there are actually a plethora of advantages that come with hiring a contractor that specializes in this home renovation method.

A Streamlined Construction Process

Hiring a design-build home renovation contractor can make the construction process a bit less complex. You’re not dealing with a separate architect and you have just one point of contact for your project. You also only have one contract to deal with as well.

Faster Project Completion

A design-build firm could also complete a project faster. There will be fewer surprises during the home remodeling process and fewer delays. Solid teamwork is a must for any big jobs like these, so streamlining the process and taking out some uncertainties can make a huge difference. No one likes it when a project runs over, so if you want a higher chance of seeing a remodel that ends on time, a design-build firm might just be the way to go.

Less Chance of “Sticker Shock”

A company that takes this approach could have more accurate time and cost estimates. You’ll know more about what kind of price you’ll end up paying as a whole before the project really kicks off. You won’t have to worry as much about miscommunications between different firms, surprise upcharges, or other issues that could unexpectedly cause the price of a home renovation to rise. And because the same firm is designing and building, the designers are going to more closely consider cost when drawing up plans. You don’t have to worry about a designer ignoring costs and dreaming up what THEIR dream bathroom or kitchen would look like!

Fewer Disputes

If you go with a design-build contractor you can worry less about disputes between the people taking care of your home remodeling project. The designer and contractor won’t be disagreeing on how to build or what products they need, because your designer and builder are one and the same! Egos flaring up on a project can be more than an annoyance. They cost you time and money, delaying the completion of your project while putting a bigger dent in your wallet. Cut out the drama by making sure that everyone is on the same page and interpreting the design the same way.

Changes Can Be Easier to Make

Making a change is also easier when working with a design-build contractor. You just have to contact your main contractor and tell them what’s happening. You don’t have to worry about a miscommunication or something falling through the cracks. You have one point of contact that you can reach easily if something in your home renovation plans need to change.

Your Home Remodeling Team in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re ready to transform your home, ArDan Construction can help. We will ensure that you receive a superior remodeling experience. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you employ our home remodeling team. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.