New Whole-Home Renovation in North Scottsdale

As of late, we have started a new full-home remodel in North Scottsdale. Our client is moving from Troon North to the center of North Scottsdale. The community she is moving into is surrounded by water views, the green belt, and top-notch coffee shops.

The Home

The home is two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a quaint outdoor space. As of now, there is a wall separating the kitchen and the dining room area. In addition, the master bathroom needs some serious adjustments. Overall, the home is in a perfect location for our client, but the aesthetics need to match her personality.

The Project

The project will consist of a full demolition of the wall separating the kitchen and dining room. Due to the work being completed in the bathroom, most of that will need to come out as well. Different cabinets and vanities will be installed, and the floorplan in the kitchen and living room will be altered. In the master bathroom, the current tub will need to be removed. The master bathroom will feature a curb less shower that is sure to be a centerpiece of the project. By the end of this project, the client’s personal touch will shine through.

The Client

Our client moved to Scottsdale from Florida a few years ago. She originally lived in the Troon community, but has decided to move into the hub of North Scottsdale. Although Florida is great, the activities, quality of life, and scenery in Scottsdale is hard to beat. Our team is aiming to give her the design she desires in her new home.

Your Home Remodeling Team in Scottsdale, AZ

The North Scottsdale Whole-Home Renovation is completed. We have the full details over in our Portfolio See the finishes.