How to Choose Between Wood or Tile for Your Kitchen

Building a new kitchen offers a homeowner plenty of options, and we know that it can get overwhelming at times. That’s why the ArDan Construction kitchen remodel experts are here to help you make the big decisions, like which flooring to choose.

Wood and tile are two of the more popular options. They each have their own pros and cons, so let’s take a closer look at both and see what type of material might work best for your home.

The Benefits of Wood Floors

A Stunning Visual. A hardwood floor can look beautiful in any room. There are multiple styles to choose from, although tile may offer some more choices. If properly cared for a wood floor can look great in any kitchen, no matter what style you choose.

Can Cost Less. Choosing wood flooring can cost you less and take up less of your time as well. If your kitchen and surrounding rooms use the same wood flooring, you can create a seamless look and you don’t have to worry about sorting through a ton of tile designs. That being said, there are plenty of inexpensive tile designs.

Easy to Repair. Damaged wood planks can be removed and replaced with new ones. If you’re worried about damage, like if you have kids or pets who occasionally break things, picking an easier to repair option might be wise.

Why You Should Choose Tile Floors

Of course some other shades could work well too. Yellow cabinets can attract attention for all the right reasons. Red cabinets can make a bold statement, if they don’t overpower the room. Green can be soothing and help create a relaxed earthy vibe. Whatever shade you choose, we’ll help you make it work.

Easy to Clean. Prone to spilling? Tile is easy to clean and maintain. We know that the kitchen can get messy, especially if you have kids or you choose to entertain often, so opting for tile where spills and food can be easily wiped up can be a good idea.

Creates Separation. If you don’t like an open design for your home, a tile floor in your kitchen can create separation. If the wood flooring of your living room meets the tile in your kitchen, it’s a clear sense of separation and makes the kitchen its own space.

Traditional Look. Tile is still one of the more expected looks in a kitchen. If you want a traditional look, there are plenty of tile options that can do that for you. A traditional flooring plan can even go well when a kitchen remodel incorporates some bolder choices elsewhere, like with countertops, fixtures, and cabinets.

So Many Choices

Tiles come in so many shapes, styles, and materials these days. We would say that it’s nearly impossible for you to not find a kind of tile that you would love for your kitchen. You can also find options that perfectly match the style of kitchen that you’re going for with your remodel. If you have the time and energy to sort through a lot of different options, tile might be for you. Just remember that less expensive tiles are not going to be as durable.

Your Home Remodeling Team in Scottsdale, AZ

Whichever flooring option you choose, we’re ready to help. Talk to a kitchen remodeling contractor at ArDan Construction today and get ready to build the kitchen of your dreams. We look forward to assisting you!