Aging in Place

In recent years, more and more people are making the decision to age in place. Aging in place is the process of staying in your own home as you grow older instead of moving to an outside facility. There are many things to consider when renovating to age in place. Here at ArDan, we’ve helped numerous homeowners transition their living spaces in order to age at home. Let us give you some tips on how to navigate the process of making your home a safe place to live out your twilight years. 

Skip the Stairs

Renovating to age in place means crafting a home that’s not just accessible and comfortable now, but a home that will continue to be accessible even as you grow older. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but as you grow older, your mobility will decrease. It happens to all of us in both big and small ways, but it’s one of the most important things to keep in mind when renovating to age in place. 

We highly recommend making the transition to a single-level home. Being able to have your living, dining, and sleeping areas all on one floor makes moving around so much easier than having to go up and down stairs several times a day. Even if you plan on only going up and down once or twice a day, that can still turn into an ordeal. There are devices, such as stairlifts and elevators, that allow you to move between floors with more ease. Not only would a stairlift or elevator increase your home value, but either one would also increase the usability of your home for years to come, and, of course, your grandchildren will think your in-home elevator is the coolest thing around! ArDan Construction knows several Scottsdale-area residential elevator companies if this option is intriguing to you.

These machines may not be financially or structurally feasible for every home. If that is the case, we recommend renovating for aging in place by transforming the main level of your home into a space where you can do everything you need to do. These renovations may also include grab bars in your bathroom, widening hallways to aid mobility, or installing ramps to make going in and out of your home as easy as possible. Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind as you renovate your home to age in place.

Stay Safe and Secure

But wait, you may say, I’ve lived in this home for decades. I don’t want to give up half of my house. What if you have guests or what if a window breaks upstairs or a leak springs up in the basement? Renovating for aging in place involves more than just changing your floor plan around. It can also involve contracting with a trusted company to keep an eye on your home and handle any minor repairs that arise in a quick and efficient manner. 

There may be fixes that need to happen inside your home, or trouble that arises outside. Some people aging in place are lucky. They may live within 15 minutes of their children or grandchildren who can stop by and help out from time to time. However, not everyone has this option. For that reason, we recommend a home watch service to keep your home in tip-top shape as you grow older. 

It’s also important to secure your home in other ways. A home alarm system can give you peace of mind and a smart doorbell or security camera can make sure you’re only opening the door for the right people. Taking steps like these can ensure that you’re able to age in place in comfort and dignity.

Keep Budget in Mind

All of these renovations may seem pricey, but it’s important to keep in mind how reasonable these upgrades are compared to an assisted living facility. Renovating to age in place is probably the most budget-conscious decision you could make. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can cost between $48,000 to over $100,000 each year, depending on the facility and living space in question. Spending five or ten years in a facility at those prices can completely wipe out your savings. There’s a greater cost too, of course. Your freedom in a nursing home just isn’t the same as it is in your home. 

Unless you plan on building a custom home to age in place, even the most expansive and detailed renovations are inexpensive compared to the cost of an assisted living facility for two years. And, depending on how long you may anticipate being in a care facility, a custom home may still be less expensive. People often assume that Medicare will cover the costs of a care facility, but that actually isn’t the case

Renovating to age in place can be the best option for budget-conscious individuals. You’ll save money and continue to have the comfort and peace of mind that comes from staying in your own home. Nursing homes and other facilities do allow for access to skilled caregivers, however, and individuals with certain conditions may find them to be the best option for aging. However, aging in place is a great choice for many people. Don’t ignore the possibility of aging in place as an option as you grow older.

If you’re interested in aging in place, there’s no better location to retire and grow old in than the Scottsdale area. ArDan Construction is your Scottsdale expert for aging in place. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you employ ArDan. When you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch with us to discuss your project.