How to Choose an Appliance Package for Your Remodel

If you’re thinking about improving your kitchen, you’ve probably been wondering how to choose an appliance package for your remodel. Appliances are the most important part of a good kitchen. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your countertops are if your oven takes an hour to heat up! It’s important to have appliances that both look good and function how you want them to. 


And how do you want your kitchen to function? The answer may depend on your lifestyle. We’ve outlined tips for three different remodeling approaches below: those interested in aging in place, those who want to entertain, and those with children of all ages. Whether you fit into one of these categories like a glove or are somewhere in between, we hope these tips will help you choose an appliance package for your remodel. 


For the Aging in Place

If you’re interested in remodeling to age in place, it’s important to choose an appliance package that suits your needs. You want to be independent and as self-sufficient as possible as you age. With those goals, there are two words to keep in mind: accessibility and efficiency. 


To start choosing an appliance package for your remodel, we recommend thinking about a cooktop that best suits your needs. (A cooktop is different from a range. You can learn more here!) We recommend a cooktop because they cool off faster than a traditional range. New technologies like induction cooking systems are also perfect for older homeowners. Because induction systems use electromagnetic energy to heat and cook food, the cooktop remains cool to the touch, eliminating the possibility of an accidental burn or fire. Cooktops can be installed at variable heights, without an oven below them, making it much easier for you to navigate as you grow older. If you want to go the extra mile, consider a self-cleaning cooktop too! 


If you do want to go with a range instead of a cooktop, we recommend a gas range over an electric. Gas heat turns on with the click of a button and can be more affordable than induction heat. It does have the risk of burns, however. If you’re concerned that your home doesn’t have natural gas, let us know and we can help you by installing and maintaining a propane tank for your range. 


Once you have a cooktop, the next step is choosing an oven. We think a convection oven is one of the best options for somebody aging in place. While it lacks some of the oomph of a traditional oven, a convection oven heats up faster, cooks food evenly, and can cook food as much as 25% faster than a traditional oven. If you’re concerned with losing the functionality of a traditional oven, have no fear. You can always turn the fans of a convection oven off and it will function like a traditional oven!


The last major appliance is a refrigerator. You have a lot of options here. A dual-compressor fridge can keep food fresh for longer than a single-compressor, making it a great fit for those aging in place. As you grow older, trips to the grocery store can become more and more arduous. The fewer trips you can make, the better. If you have a fridge that can keep food fresh for long periods of time, you can cut down on the number of times you need to shop each month. Configuration is important to consider too. A refrigerator with a separate freezer box on the bottom can be a pain if your mobility declines. Consider fully separating your fridge and freezer or a French Door style appliance instead to cut down on bending down. 


For the Entertainers

If you’re interested in entertaining, you’re going to have a different idea of how to choose an appliance package for your remodel. You want your home to be the center of social gatherings, both big and small. Whether you’re thinking about hosting family for the holidays, or big groups of friends or coworkers, it’s important to choose the right appliance package. 


For your stovetop cooking, you can go either way, with a range or a cooktop. We personally recommend a gas range because it will give you greater flexibility in temperature control. Don’t have natural gas in your home? Let us know and we can help you by installing a propane tank for your range to run off of. A range will also allow you to have more varied burner sizes, including really big ones to support larger cookware – exactly what you need when cooking for large groups. You might also consider remodeling to include a built-in grill. A built-in grill will let you sear meat, seafood, and veggies inside during the excessive heat of the summer months.


For ovens, we recommend not just a single oven, but a double oven. Don’t confuse a double oven with two separate ovens. They are, in fact, different!  A double oven offers a great deal of flexibility in your cooking. They have two separate cooking compartments, which can be set for different temperatures and times. Some double ovens even allow you to set one compartment to convection cooking and the other to conventional. In other words, they’re the perfect option for people who entertain! A double oven can be more expensive, but they can really increase your return on investment.


For a refrigerator, entertainers want something with the size to handle storing the food you’ll need for your next Super Bowl party or backyard birthday. While you can certainly get one massive fridge, you might also consider supplemental refrigeration. In other words, you could add a wine chiller or separate beverage fridge to your kitchen. These models can be easily installed under the counter, but still have plenty of space to hold cold drinks. 


As you choose an appliance package for your remodel aimed at entertaining, the price of your remodel can rise. Thankfully, we have some tips for you to keep in mind with your budget and vision!


For the Family

Now, on the other hand, if you have a large family, you’ll have a different idea of how to choose an appliance package  that’s best for you. A lot of our advice depends on the size and make-up of your family. If you have small children vs. teenagers, you’ll have different needs, but this section should still have some good advice on how to choose an appliance package for your remodel. 


For a range or cooktop, we recommend using an induction system. Why? Simple – an induction system uses electromagnetic energy to cook, which means the stove top stays cool. This can keep young kids from burns! Natural gas may be tempting, but it can have downsides. It’s easy for kids to burn themselves and there’s always the possibility, however slight, of a gas leak. An induction system also heats up faster than a traditional range, which is great for a family on the go. The less time you spend waiting for the cooktop to get hot, the more time you have to tackle other responsibilities. 


The same principle applies for your oven. A convection oven, with the ability to heat up faster and cook food more evenly, is ideal for a family. As you’re on the go, driving kids to soccer practice or band concerts, you want to make the most of your time in the kitchen. It’s best to have an oven that doesn’t require constant attention or take a while to heat up. At the same time, big families might want to consider a double oven in order to make preparing those large Sunday dinners a little more manageable. 


Lastly, as you may know by now, comes the refrigerator. An integrated or built-in refrigerator could be a good idea, to lower the chances of the appliance tipping over. Big families might want a separate freezer and refrigerator, or even some of those supplemental options, like a beverage cooler. Families trying to figure out how to choose an appliance package for their remodel should do well to stay away from refrigerators with a freezer drawer. Young kids and toddlers can have easy access to the freezer drawer. They might end up pulling out food to play or treating themselves to popsicles and ice cream! 


Who can you trust to make your kitchen remodel go smoothly?

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