Top 6 Benefits of a Home Watch Service

Home Watch Services

A home watch service is built specifically for your home away from home. If you have a winter home, summer home, or vacation home, a home watch service can provide periodical maintenance, visual inspections, interior & exterior check-ins, emergency response, and more. Your second home is just as important to keep up with as your regular home. Hiring a home watch service will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that everything is safe and taken care of. 


Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a home watch service:


Peace of mind

Nagging thoughts such as “did I lock the patio door on my way out?” are far too common amongst all homeowners. When you’re not present to double-check those nagging thoughts can become even more intrusive! Knowing that your second home or vacation home is being maintained and monitored in your absence can ease your mind.


Boots on the ground

The ArDan Home Services team is a highly-skilled group of technicians who are dedicated to the repair and maintenance of your home. Your Home Watch team will consistently monitor and work on your home all while keeping you in the loop with regular communication and reports. Having a Home Watch provider with a dedicated team means that you know your home will be a priority. 


Ready for your return

If you have a second home, summer home, or winter home, you are familiar with the joys of that first step into a musty, dusty home after months without use. With a Home Watch team, your home is ready and waiting for your return. Your only job is to enjoy your time while you’re there!


HOA compliance

Keeping up with HOA rules can be time-consuming. Not only should your Home Watch team be familiar with common Arizona HOA regulations for working hours and similar rules, but your team can also keep your home or condo in HOA compliance in your absence. Finding and hiring a contractor when you’re out of state can be time-consuming but having a team on call means you can breathe easy.



One of the most common reasons homeowners hire a Home Watch Service is for security reasons. This goes back to the peace of mind rule. Knowing that your home is being consistently checked in on keeps your home safe and secure from potential harm. Your Home Watch team should perform weekly inspections that include searching for signs of any suspicious behavior. 



The second most popular reason we see homeowners hiring a Home Watch Service is for maintenance. You want your home to be in tip-top shape upon your return. A Home Watch service will do necessary repairs, cleanup, and maintenance while you’re away so that it is move-in ready upon your return to Scottsdale.


Do you have a second home or vacation home in the Scottsdale area? ArDan has a team of home watch experts ready to partner with you! The highly professional, reliable team of home experts at ArDan wants to make sure your second home is taken care of and watched over while you’re gone. If something goes wrong, it’s hard to be able to fix it when you’re thousands of miles away, so give yourself peace of mind and let the team members at ArDan watch over your vacation home with regular checkups and maintenance. Contact a home watch specialist today.