Green Remodeling Tips for Your Home

Custom Home Kitchen

A kitchen or bathroom remodel for your Scottsdale area home or commercial rental property is a big decision made up of many smaller decisions — the types of appliances, cabinet installation, and even the color scheme will all be debated endlessly. Before you pick up the phone to call our Scottsdale home renovation professionals, we’ll […]

5 Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Master Suite

Do you want to do something different in your residence? If so, a home remodeling project may be just the thing you need to inject some new life into your living space. While that may sound like a great idea, you might be wondering where you should start. In general, it’s wise to start a […]

The Top 6 Design Trends for 2022

In 2021, the pandemic took us all on yet another rollercoaster ride – slowly dissipating and then charging back. This affected the health of workers in all industries, including the building trades. It also impacted manufacturing globally. The effects of this disruption on the collective psyche of consumers will likely be evident for decades to […]

The Benefits of a Pre-Construction Agreement

Would you let your mechanic tell you what’s wrong with your car without even looking under the hood? No. A Pre-Construction Agreement is exactly that, it is the contractor’s version of looking under the hood to see what exactly the project is going to entail. The agreement allows your contractor to clearly define the scale […]

How to Choose an Appliance Package for Your Remodel

If you’re thinking about improving your kitchen, you’ve probably been wondering how to choose an appliance package for your remodel. Appliances are the most important part of a good kitchen. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your countertops are if your oven takes an hour to heat up! It’s important to have appliances that both look […]

Should I Hire an Architect or a General Contractor?

When it comes to remodeling your house, who do you hire — an architect or a contractor? The choice isn’t always obvious, and there are arguments for both, which is why we would like to provide some insight into this question from the perspective of a General Contractor who has worked with many skilled architects […]

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